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A New Year, A New You! But where do I start?

A New Year, A New You! But where do I start?

I remember when I was in medical school, one of the late elders of naturopathic medicine used to talk about how the human body was incredibly complex, but incredibly intelligent. He would say, “give the body what it needs, take out the trash and let the body work its magic.” Meaning – eat healthy nutritious foods that our body was designed to thrive on, detoxify and rid what isn’t wanted and let the body heal, as it was designed to.

Unfortunately, in our society, that is easier said than done. Our soil and our food was once naturally organic and nutrient dense, free of pesticides, plastics and other toxins. We existed in a simpler time where dinners were eaten together as a family at the table. Our children played outside until it was way past dark or dinnertime (whichever came first) and they didn’t rely on harmful EMF devices for minute to minute entertainment and connection. It was a rarity to see an overweight child at school or a chronic disease amongst a group of friends and adults were on 1-2 medications, as opposed to twelve.

So in following my mentor’s old saying- give the body what it needs, take out the trash… there are several keys to improve your health, focus on supporting your body in a challenging society and avoid succumbing to one or more of the many chronic dis-eases so prevalent in our country today:

1. Understand your unique nutrient deficiencies and how to supplement them with real food, vitamins and herbs

2. Understand where harmful toxins are coming from in your diet, home and workplace and how to reduce or avoid them

3. Learn how to detoxify toxins in your body with various safe supportive therapies and supplements

4. Learn how to understand stressors and create balance in your life so you have a healthy, positive, empowered attitude towards life and your health

The body has an incredible ability to adapt, until it doesn’t – meaning you may be exposed to toxins, deficient in nutrients, eating foods you actually have sensitivities to and you may not have any idea, except you recognize you don’t feel as good as you should, or you feel tired and inflamed. However with the proper plan tailored to your individual needs, you can remove what we call “obstacles to cure,” lose weight, feel more energized and bring your body back to homeostasis and optimal health.

Stay tuned for a more detailed breakdown of each key above!

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