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Injection Therapy


Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation, Individual Session

Treatment uses fine needles inserted under the skin to induce ones body to produce its own collagen thus filling in lines and wrinkles naturally and without the need for synthetic fillers.

90 minutes$175

Anti-Aging Body Contour

Treatment includes consultation to discuss weight loss goals, acupuncture, cupping and/or injection therapy (fat buster or adipose homeopathic). Choose two locations.

Your practitioner may prescribe additional supplements or dietary protocols for metabolic or digestive support (supplements not included).

60 minutes$75

Anti-Aging Body Contour Follow up

Brief review of supplementation or dietary protocols in addition to acupuncture, cupping and/or injection therapy.


Anti-aging Facial Rejuvenation Program

Treatment includes CBD skin mask, face lifting acupuncture, facial cupping and/or homeopathic collagen, and facial or tissue matrix injections.

Facial Rejuvenation results are seen over the course of multiple treatments, this program includes ten 90 minute sessions (2 sessions per week for 5 weeks).

Includes initial consult and take-home Facial spray. Your practitioner may prescribe additional supplements for antioxidant or cellular support (not included).


B Complex Boost

A specially formulated B Vitamin injection comprised of multiple B Vitamins.

15 minutes$15

B12 Energy Boost


BioStem Therapy

Treatment includes initial consult, single BioStem injection and 1 follow-up appointments, which may include acupuncture, E-stim or manual therapy.


Immune Boost

Preventative cold and flu support.


Immune Boost Combo

One Immune Boost injection plus a take-home sublingual Imunexx spray.

Metabolism Boost

New Patient $45 (30 mins)

Returning Patient $20 (15 mins)


Reduce fat and improve metabolism with a cocktail of compounds including B Vitamins, Inositol and Choline which are shown to enhance fat metabolism and balance blood sugar. One location per session.

30 minutes$45

Pain Relief Homeopathic (1-2 sites)

Used for: Pain Relief
Type of Service: Injection Therapy

45 minutes$75

Pain Relief Homeopathic (3-5 sites)

Used for: Pain Relief
Type of Service: Injection Therapy