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Are you ready to feel better and decrease stress?

Are you ready to feel better and decrease stress?

Part of our A New Year, A New You program at Florida’s Natural Farmacy, is helping you learn about the many natural, supportive therapies that exist to help you feel better. One therapy most people have never heard of is called a Magnesphere Chair. Please read on for more information and some (very) frequently asked questions!


The name is really a breakdown of two concepts, “Magne” comes from the word magnetic and represents the type of extremely low-level, natural magnetic field therapy. The second half of the name “Sphere” represents the two spheres that surround the chair and produce tissue specific currents that are associated with your specific symptoms.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! It is a FDA approved medical device shown to (at minimum) “Enhance Feelings of Relaxation” and help reduce the symptoms associated with chronic stress. There are only several contraindications (such as an implanted device in the brain or poorly controlled A-fib).

I’m a sciency-type of person, can you tell me more about how it works?

Yes! The Magnesphere Chair therapy has been created after 25 years of research that is still ongoing. The frequencies emitted by the copper wiring in the chair affect the body at the molecular level. This therapy is different than other frequency specific micro-current, or pulsed EMF devices. Magnesphere frequencies are so small (pico-tesla small to be exact) that they can affect different cell types based on which protocol we select for you. This therapy can benefit nearly every condition or symptom, from pain and inflammation, insomnia and chronic stress to broken bones or even patients going through chemotherapy.

Here’s a breakdown on how it works to reduce stress, for example, and benefit chronic conditions that stem from chronic stress: A stress reducing protocol is selected. Precise pico-tesla current fields actually stimulate the Vagus nerve, which produces a balancing effect on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), resulting in enhanced feelings of relaxation. This can lead to a decrease in the emotional and physiological effects of chronic stress.

As you may know, chronic Stress adversely affects disease states and conditions of many types, leading to an exacerbation of symptoms (typically pain, inflammation, energy level, digestion and sleep). As a recent HBO documentary (One Nation Under Stress) points out, stress can literally be a killer – So take an important step in 2020, work on creating A New You and address the stress in your life with Magnesphere therapy.